Sunday, February 19, 2006

Getting started

Amazing things happen at the boundary between quantum physics and the 3D world of Netwonian physics. Like life, for example. I've been reading a lot about recent research in molecular biology and the basic building blocks of life at the molecular nanoscopic level. The following are the notes I've been making along the way to consolidate my understanding, including quotes and pictures from a lot of very cool web sites and links to multimedia presentations that vividly show how amazing the world is at the nanometer scale. Hope you find them interesting, fun and thought provoking.


Anonymous said...

cool i create molicular animations with a 3d program ....i think the program is called daz brice or something ...anyway its good to read that people like that kind of stuff

Claes said...


Your blog uses one of our pages for graphic content. We recently updated our web site so that your old nanobiology link is no longer valid. The codon wheel graphic that used to be located at is now located here:
Please update accordingly.

Brian said...

Thanks, claes - I've updated the post that uses it.